New Year’s Resolution

As part of my New Year’s resolutions, I have added the intention to renew my writing and posting about expat life in Chile.  Much has happened in the last few months, while I have been mentally pulled away, studying in a field far removed from my early political science degree.  However, the website has never been far from my thoughts.

When this site was first published, I wasn’t quite sure what it should be, perhaps a travel site to lure visitors, an educational site to eventually add subjects dear to my heart, such as public cancer education, or a capitalistic moneymaker. The possibilities were undefined, that is until the earthquake hit. Then, the site became a catharsis for emotional and psychological release, as well as an observation of the events occurring around me. As someone who used to be fond of a daily journal, as well as a logging of dreams, this is the chord that most harmonizes with my essence, and for the time being will be the format for the site. If anyone has thoughts or comments to share, please do write. I read everything, including the zillion spams promising increased “size,” more money, or are completely non sequitur. They will never get posted, but do make me laugh and shake my head at the absurdities.

So, here goes… the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!

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