Mulchen, The Rest of the Pictorial Story

Neighboring barn at the wheat field's end

One of the most pleasurable indulges during our stay in Mulchen was the opportunity to photograph nature and to capture otherwise unnoticed gems of farm life. So, rather than carry on with a drawn-out tale of what we did, I would like to share some of what my eyes saw through the lens of my Nikon. I hope that everyone enjoys the pictorial journey around the farm!

Shady country lane to the farm

Rustic fences delineate fields

I couldn't stop with just one photo of fences. I love their rough-hewn look.

Teddiebear absolutely loved the freedom of slipping through any barrier standing in the way of fun!

Sun-kissed sunflowers

Rusty and well used scale hanging in the barn

Golden field of wheat awaiting reaping

Bio Bio River at dusk

Many more photos to follow, as time permits!

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